Sunday, October 7, 2018

Meet Your Literary Community

Yesterday was a big day!

MEET YOUR LITERARY COMMUNITY was held at the Phoenix Public Market on Saturday, October 6, 2018 from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m. Phoenix writers gathered, and I got to read the prologue of my forthcoming novel, AND SO WE DIE, HAVING FIRST SLEPT. This was actually my first time reading a portion aloud for an audience . . . 

But here are my photos, which include many local writers! 


This is Eric Berge from Phoenix College. He's a poet and the head of Creative Writing. I told my kid that he was my boss, and he quickly corrected me and said, "Colleague." But he's really my boss. We both have two kids who are close in age to each other--so you better believe that we know what it sounds like to hear kids fight.
This is Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow, and I liked her immediately. She introduced herself because  she saw the title of my NEXT book: Cancer, I'll Give You One Year: A Non-Informative Guide To Breast Cancer, or Cancer, I'll Give You One Year: How To Get Your Ba-Da-Bing Boobies On The House! She totally knew where Ba-Da-Bing was from. She's also been married for 28 years!!

I like my table!

kimberly k williams -- she taught on the Navajo Reservation on the AZ and NM border for years, and we discussed Sherman Alexie on Stephen Colbert. 

I read.

Andrea Avery seriously wrote one of the best books I read this year, SONATA.

misako yamazaki -- can you believe I have a TA who is a creative writing major??? She's awesome, and I think we both like cats. 

Classic Tim and Jennifer photo. He doesn't always frown. But he seriously hates photos. I've actually given up on  being physically beautiful, so I'm, like, whatever.

I read.

Shawnte Orion is a celeb in Phoenix. He published with my pub also (Five Oaks),  and all of his books are winners.

We're here again.



suzie olsen -- she writes this adorable children's book series starring an armadillo, and I would've bought them  but  I'm poor and my kids are preteen maniacs


  1. Very exciting and can't wait to read your book. 2 more months? How about a copy of the prologue?

  2. very cool. wish i could have come.

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