Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Don't You Forget About Me . . .

If you know what that is a reference to, you should probably get my book into your cart and take the plunge.

Here's some book stuff . . .

My book is at Changing Hands Bookstore. Shockingly, my other two books were there too!

Odetter Bakker at my reading. A friend just sent me this shot, and I love Odette. She's in the Acknowledgments. She really doesn't know why. But I know . . .

This was a great review with major spoilers, but it was special. A 21-year-old wrote it, and her youth touched me, frankly. Plus, she liked some of my own favorite parts. SPOILERS, though. Here's the link for the full review: https://waywardmusingsblog.wordpress.com/2019/02/10/more-than-a-feeling-book-review-of-and-so-we-die-having-first-slept/?fbclid=IwAR1w18L4MBrx9hREJw0krjgyfEfq-1F1WVVLyeaSW237ESyiLJpm1vrg3fg

I have a box of books in my car, so you can buy one from me if we run into each other! This is a stash for emergency stops at Little Libraries.

The two photos above are from a reader, and I'm loving that "paper cut in my heart" imagery.

Who is Pentok, my friend?

I'll be there! And I'm reading (free) on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.!

Chhayal! My dear, uber-supportive friend who reads books! She's hosting me for a book event, which reminds me to tell you: I'LL COME TO YOUR BOOK CLUB, IN PERSON OR ON FACETIME! I'LL LEAVE EARLY OR READ A LITTLE OR TAKE QUESTIONS!

Julie took my first novel to the beach. The beach! February!!!! It's deceptively not a beach read, but she can handle it.

Bosco went down a few years ago. I loved him dearly. We recently had to put down another guy. This is our only cat  (for the moment), Story. I do have a thing for orange cats. I love this guy, but Bosco was so fabulous.

PS If you made it this far, I'll tell you some other stuff. I'll be at the Tucson Book Festival in early March. I'll be at the Associated Writing Conferences in Portland in late March. I just happily committed to a trip to the South, and I'm excited because I've never been there. More info soon. 

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