Tuesday, September 24, 2019

You Should Try It!

So I attended this fun event at Changing Hands, your favorite bookstore and mine. Co-presented by my very own Phoenix College and the Piper Center at ASU, these quick and easy writing pop-up parties might be your, um, "jam." (I just heard my kid refer to something as "her jam.") I attended Piper Daniels' pop-up: "At the Intersection of Personal and Cultural Memor" (here's the next one).

Piper Daniels was fun. I'm just sharing her prompt here. We read aloud (loved that!) Brainard's I Remember, and wrote our own "I Remember" verses or lyrics or lines.

This is worth your writerly time. Here are mine. Feel free to put yours in the comments!

I remember stealing a rock from the next door neighbor's backyard rock collection, and my mom happened to be looking out the kitchen window at that very moment--so I got in big trouble.

I remember watching The Gin Blossoms on TV at midnight on Y2K. I was in my pajamas. 

I remember pretending I was drunk at a house party in college, but I wasn't really, and this kid who looked like Bono in the eighties leaned in to flirt or kiss, and I leaned in too, but really I was thinking, "This is so dumb."

I remember watching my toddler, dehydrated, six or seven or eight months, in the ER; she was getting poked over and over with a tiny IV needle, but they couldn't find the vein--and they kept poking and I felt like shit but I didn't tell them to stop. I let them poke and poke, while she wailed and wailed. 

What do you remember?

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  1. Thank you, Jennifer Spiegel. What an excellent idea! I was blown away by the beautiful sentences our writing exercise produced.

    My next class starts October 9th and is now available for HALF PRICE! We'll focus on building your beautiful manuscript and setting goals for that manuscript, including preparing your work to submit for publication. Contact me for further information and I'll get you all set up. So excited to see you there! https://piper.asu.edu/classes/piper-j-daniels/beyond-narrative