Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Life of A Book

Fourth book. I'm more sober minded, though there may be--if I'm honest--a hint of sadness too. I have reluctantly (it's reluctant!) given up on my Ann Patchett fantasy, and, really, I did so a long time ago. Maybe this made Book #4 easier? I don't know . . .

Backstory: I have, through grace only and the love of people I do not deserve in my life, been able to make a life as a writer. I'm an adjunct professor, BUT YOU ADJUNCTS KNOW HOW THAT GOES. One semester, I'm going to Kohl's for nylons and hitting up Subway for the kids' school lunches. The next semester, it's no nylons and PB & J all the way. But . . . I do get to write.

And then, lo and behold, I got a Cancer Card! I wrote two books on it!

The fourth is out. I never got my Patchett Moment. My Cancer Card--which we all hated, despite the writing it afforded--has been revoked. Suddenly, my uber-supportive husband has been talking up steady employment FOR ME! Gah!!!!!! Get a job?!?!

Cancer, I'll Give You One Year: A Non-Informative Guide To Breast Cancer, A Writer's Memoir In Almost Real Time was written during cancer and published right after. I am, undoubtedly, happy with it--very happy with it. For my last book, my family pretty much went wild. Readings! A book tour! I even bought Facebook ads! This time, it's different. No craziness. The book is out. I can't do the circus tricks I attempted last time. I just can't.

However, I am so very grateful for the opportunity to write this gift for my children, this treatise on the diseased writing life, and this contemplation on womanhood.

It was the first month in the life of this book, and I thought I'd share the photos with you . . . And thank you for the support!

First Known Reader, Laura of course!
(Send job leads to me, knowing I work best at home with coffee and pets.)

Second Known Reader

Elizabeth Mock, who borders on saintliness, surprisingly likes my, um, "salty" style

Who doesn't want Ferrante, Sedaris, and Noah mentioned in a discussion of her book????

I am pro-pet for sure, but cancer really helped me see all of the sheer glories of pet ownership.

Julie and my community ARE very, very supportive. 

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