Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Cancel Suess?

Self-appointed cultural critic? Didn't I just "win" some other battle? Is this my new warfront? 

I'm very upset about Dr. Seuss.

My collection with the clean laundry. I have three of the six "bad" Seuss books.

I have a ton to say. I know my evangelical friends want to blame Biden and the Left. I know it.

First, this is a cultural shift and politics are really secondary, so Biden is seriously only symptomatic.

Second, the compromise was made initially by the Right FOR SURE when y'all embraced porn with Trump (and Melania--I could post the photo below, but . . . ).

Third, the compromise was ALSO made on the Right when y'all got high and mighty about, of all things, Harry Potter (and its "witchcraft") and the Left picked it up by blasting JK Rowling for her comments on trans-folks--so he who casts the first stone, Right- and Left-wingers. . . .

In summary, the problem is not political. Please don't be daft. It's cultural, and the Church needs to take responsibility for failure to develop a philosophy on and a value of Art.
Plus, Twitter is so much better without Trump. It's not freedom of speech. It's decency and morality.
Here are some random "cancel culture" notes:

  1. I'll always sing of my love for The Office--even that scene in which Michael stands over Stanley and tells him Barack is president.
  2. I just read some Sherman Alexie in my creative writing class and, man, he's good.
  3. I'm pretty much through with Woody Allen, mostly because I think his art has devolved into nihilist meaninglessness for the sexually-obsessed.
  4. I once got in trouble for teaching a James Baldwin book.
  5. I once got in trouble for teaching The Book Thief.
  6. Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom Cabin might've been the book that most turned me left-of-center on race issues.
  7. I'll really go to battle over Mark Twain.
  8. My kids read all of the Harry Potter books. I only made it through the first one.
  9. My kids loved The Hunger Games. I did too.
  10. I actually did prevent my kids from reading Judy Blume.
  11. I wish my kids wanted to watch All in the Family, like we watch other shows--but I can't get them to do so.
  12. Same with The Jeffersons.
  13. I did lose my desire to ever see Bill Cosby again, so there's that.
  14. I kinda have a problem with Tom Cruise, so there's that too.
  15. I don't seem to have a problem with Elisabeth Moss, though.
  16. Didn't you think that Ibram X. Kendi was a little over-the-top on Chris Rock in How To Be An Antiracist?
  17. I watched Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? with my kids this summer, and it's racially dated, you know. Not racist, but not right. What will you do?
  18. Disney's Peter Pan was super racist.
  19. When I think about Michael Jackson, I only get sad.
  20. I'm totally okay with re-naming streets and schools, and removing statues--though I'd do it peacefully and I'd stick them in a DC museum.
  21. Oh, and I still love Hamilton.
Please feel free to add your thoughts!

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